Although Christmas for most is a joyous time of year, there are some who struggle during the holidays. Darryl is one such person, he was finding Christmas Eve to be very difficult.  He was quite “down”.  Knowing Darryl values being helpful to others, his support staff reminded him that nothing makes you feel better than to do something nice for someone else.  So, Darryl got in the van with a large tray of goodies (that he had prepared) and headed to the Exeter OPP station.  When Darryl saw the Officer he said “Ho ho ho” and told the officer that he was making special deliveries and “playing Santa”.  The officer was extremely surprised and happy that anyone would do such a thing. Most importantly, Darryl was elated, proud and no longer feeling “down”. Darryl thanked the Officer for all that they do for our community and the Officer promised to share the goodies with officers in Seaforth and Clinton.  Next stop was to see the Christmas lights at McNaughton Park.  Darryl went to bed happy that evening as he anticipated “Santa’s” arrival.