Developmental Services Ontario

This body was created to stream-line the process of supplying service to those people and families who require Government supporting dollars to secure or maintain a decent quality of life. Its mandate is to ensure that the system is fair to all with no one getting preferential treatment because of his or her position in the community.

When you turn 18, your children’s developmental services such as Special Services at Home, Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities, and services through the Ontario Autism Program end. This means that you must apply through DSO to see if you are eligible to receive adult MCCSS funded supports available in your community.
The DSO will then screen all applicants to ensure they are qualified to receive support and will determine exactly what form that support will take.

When you connect with your area DSO they will help you:

  • understand and complete the application process.
  • determine the kind of services and supports you need.
  • get access to MCCSS funded services and supports that you need when a spot is available.
  • find information in your community.

When an agency declares it has a vacancy (residential or hours of support), the DSO will be advised. The DSO will then give the agency a description of a person whom it believes is an appropriate replacement to fill the vacancy. The name may or may not be a ‘local’ candidate.

The agency will then study the application, interview the proposed candidate and finally decide whether or not it can provide the required support to the person applying.

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