Chris comes from a very loving family that encourages him and believes in his potential and growth. Chris has worked hard and has blossomed into a true leader, leading the Cultural Kitchen. The Cultural kitchen has been successfully up and running for one year. Chris is very active in the kitchen preparing meals, service, cleaning and completing inventory. Chris is especially involved with the finances and has shown great independence in completing the tasks that come along with running a business. At the beginning, Chris was reluctant and nervous about working with the bank tellers and handling such a great deal of money. Throughout this past year, we have worked together in reassuring Chris and building his confidence in going to the bank. We started by preparing what we needed and would have discussions about the process of going into the bank. Every time Chris needed to go to the bank, staff would pull back and encourage Chris in completing the task at hand.  One year later, Chris can now independently go into the bank alone and complete all tasks needed to complete his financial responsibilities. Chris has great pride in the business and his talents shine every day!