When Steve was asked to be an ambassador for Community Living South Huron, he gladly said yes.  He was asked to say a ‘welcome’ at the annual Christmas banquet.  He talked about not speaking in front of people since being in school and that he was nervous.  He wasn’t sure if he could do it.  With encouragement, Steve practiced what he was going to say, even though he could feel his “heart pounding”.  The night of the banquet, Steve talked about how nervous he was.  “My hands are shaking and my heart is pounding.” When he was called to stage, Steve made the walk, collected himself and delivered his ‘welcome’. Talking afterwards, Steve said it was hard, but he was glad he did it. He shared that his family was proud of him and that his Grandma had tears in her eyes.  His boss even texted him to ask him how it went. Most importantly, Steve said “I’m proud of myself.”  We can’t wait to see how Steve grows in his new role!